D&A College Prospectus 2023-24


subjectareas Achangecould involve the replacement of acoursewithanewcourse, variations tocoursecontent or structure, themerger of courses, or the withdrawal of acourse. coursedisclaimer Thedescriptionof theCollege’scourses in itsprospectusandon itswebsite represents theCollege’saspirationsas towhatwill bedelivered. However, - theCollege reserves the right tochangecourseprovision therightplaceforawiderangeof

for various reasons, thecoursesactuallydeliveredmaybedifferent. For example: Funding for acourse (whether fromtheGovernment or from theCollege’scharitabledonationsor other sourcesof income)maybe reducedorwithdrawn; theremaybe insufficient interest inacoursewhich means that it isuneconomicor unviable todeliver; theremaybeachange to theCollege’sother resources, suchasstaffor accommodation, whichaffect thedelivery, or campus location, of acourse (e.g. anHNCprogrammemight bedeliveredon twocampusesbut anHNDprogrammemight bedelivered ononecampusonly).

TheCollegemaymakeachange toacourse for the reasonsset out above, or for other reasonswhere it is reasonable for theCollege todoso. If there is achange toacourseaboutwhichyouhaveexpressedan interest, the Collegewill let youknowassoonaspossible. Byexpressingan interest about acourse to theCollege, youagree to these rulesabout changes tocourses.


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