D&A College Prospectus 2023-24

Preparation for a Career in Early Learning and Childcare Certificate in Early Education and Childcare NC Early Education and Childcare Childcare Academy Fast Track to HNCChildhood Practice HNCChildhood Practice PDA Childhood Practice PDA Education Support Assistance Courses


TheEarlyYearsemployment sector isagrowtharea in Scotland.Whilechildcarehas traditionallybeenacareer for women, increasingnumbersof menarenowentering the professionandwewelcome applications fromall. Whatdoesitinvolve? Choosing to study childcare at D&A means you will work with a teamof experienced, dedicated practitioners who will support you to gain the skills, knowledge, values and experience to either enter the workforce or progress to university. Wherewillittakeme? On our childcare courses you will gain underpinning knowledge of child development and how best to support children’s learning and development. We work with a variety of childcare organisations and partners who support us to ensure your learning is fun, interactive andmeaningful, giving you a strong foundation for your future career.




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