D&A College Prospectus 2023-24

HereatDundeeandAngusCollegewehaveanaward- winningStudents’Associationwhoarehereforyou. Throughout the pandemic, the team has been there to share learners’ ups and downs, offer advice, sympathy, a good laugh and, above all, a shoulder to lean on. Coming to College means more than just turning up, it means being part of a community who care for each other and about each other. So now that we are back on campus, why not come along to one of our new offices, sit in our comfy chairs, and have a cuppy and chat! students ’ Let’sfaceit,howoftenhaveyouwokenupoverthelast twoyearsinneedofabig,warmhug?Well, jointheclub andwemean, literally, jointheclub! association

AmyMonks StudentPresident Amy Monks is our student president. She didn’t begin her College career until she was 30, she had given birth to her second child and her employer had drastically reduced the number of working hours available to her.

D&Awas a chance for a new beginning. If I can make one other person have the same fantastic College experience as me, then I will be happy.

StudentPresident D&ACollege Amy Monks

I just threwmyself into College. Every part of it. For the first time in ages, I really felt I was doing something for myself. Although I’m keen to get on with my career, I will never leave the College behind. It’s too important a part of my life and I love seeing how it creates new beginnings for everyone else.

So, ifyouwantmorethan justaqualification, but areal senseofbelongingthenDundeeandAngus College istherightplaceforyou.



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