D&A College Prospectus 2023-24

Certificate in Fashion Business Advanced Certificate in Fashion Business HNC Fashion Business HND Fashion Business Certificate in Tourism& Events Advanced Certificate in Tourism& Events HNC Events HNC Travel and Tourism Cours s


Customerfocussedand creative?Youcouldbetheideal candidateforacareer infashion andretail.Or ifyoudreamof excitementandadventurea career inTourismorEventscould betheidealchoice. We offer a broad spectrumof courses, which will help prepare you for a career in vibrant and fast paced industries. As part of our Fashion Business courses, you’ll learn from industry experts and develop invaluable practical skills through helping run Tempus, the college’s in-house gift shop. On our Events and Tourism courses you will gain knowledge and industry experience in all key areas of the sector. Whatdoesitinvolve? Wherewillittakeme? Fashion is the UK’s largest creative industry with employment opportunities retail management, merchandising, fashion buyer, range planning or fashion marketing. Our broad Tourismprogramme gives you skills and knowledge in Customer Service, World Attractions, Holiday Types andmuch more to introduce you to the main roles in this sector. Events is a vibrant and booming sector locally and nationally, providing opportunities to work across a diverse range of events from festivals, cultural events, sporting occasions and exhibitions.



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