D&A College Prospectus 2023-24

Courses Step Up to Care Access to Health and Social Care Certificate in Health and Social Care Fast Track For A Career in Care Health and Social Care Academy (Short Course) HNCHealthcare Practice HNC Social Services Access to Nursing (encompassing SWAP) Access to Social Care


Our staffcomprises registered practitioners in thefieldsof nursing, socialworkandallied healthprofessionals. There is alsoexpertise in thefieldsof psychology, sociology, learning disability, reablement, youth workandcommunitynursing. Learners can expect an experience that ensures they are supported to develop the professional standards required for this career path. A practice element in many of the courses enables students tomaintain that professionalism in the workplace and beyond into a diverse selection of careers in the field of Health and Social Care. What d oesitinvo l ve? Wher ewillittakeme ? We work closely with partners in the NHS, local authorities and the independent sector. We aim to support students into further and higher education or employment.

Arbroath Kingsway


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