D&A College Prospectus 2023-24

Introduction to Social Sciences Fast Track to Social Sciences Certificate in Social Sciences Advanced Certificate in Social Sciences Access to Social Sciences (SWAP) C urses


Onour coursesyoucan developacomprehensive understandingof society, cultureandhuman interaction and learn to lookat theworld differently. Byengagingwith theory, youwill developyour critical andanalytical skills alongwithyour ability to researchsocietyobjectively. Whatdoesitinvolve? Studying Social Science involves working as part of a teamwhilst respecting and understanding other’s needs and values. On these academic courses you will be challenged to work and develop your skills both collaboratively and individually. You can also develop relevant skills for employment such as ICT, communication, debating and forming logical arguments. Wherewillittakeme? Social Sciences leads to a broad range of employment opportunities including careers in the criminal justice system, social services, third sector organisations and education, amongst many others.

HNC Social Sciences HND Social Sciences HNC Police Studies PDA in Criminology PDA in History PDA in Politics PDA in Psychology

Gardyne Arbroath


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